I want to lose weight…so easy to so say and so hard to do!

I want to lose weight may be the easiest words to speak BUT one of the hardest commitments to follow through on. In a world full of fast paced gimmicks and over night weight loss schemes it’s hard to find the lifestyle change that will work for you.

I muttered those words off and on over my adult life but in 2018 I knew I was going to have to commit. Here’s why….

In April I signed up for the Dairy Roubaix, a 54 mile bike race in my hometown. By the end of the race all I could do was watch Dan ride off as I laid over the handlebars sucking wind. But I was determined that eating wasn’t the problem and that I just needed more exercise.

The next big event was my A race of the year, Dirty Kanza. I felt like a bundle of nerves but was excited to see what all of the hype was about. Jim gave a rousing speech and we were off….I was grinning ear to ear. My negative thoughts were at bay and as Mike told me prior to the start it was all between my ears! Well what was for the first fifty miles….then negative thoughts started taking over and we turned into the dreaded head wind. I began dry heaving and then this voice said “you ok”? I’ll stay with you until you get help.” As I laid in the ditch my brain started to process what went wrong. I knew I wanted to lose weight. I knew I couldn’t do what I wanted to do cycling at the weight I was at. I also knew for the first time, sitting in a ditch in no where Kansas, that I was determined. Things were going to change. The DNF stunk but it lit a fire in my soul that I had never felt before. There’s nothing like reality hitting you between the eyes to change your perspectives.

That was the birthday of the new me. Losing weight is unique to each individual. But the one thing that is universal is it’s a gigantic task. It’s a task that requires choices every single day. Let me repeat that. It’s not a chore that you do once a month and reap rewards. You are what you eat and you eat multiple times a day. For you to be successful that’s choices you must also make each meal. The rent is due every day.

Do I cheat my diet….you bet. I try to have cheat meals not cheat days. But yes, if I want something I eat it but I know that it means I be aware of it.

To date I’ve lost 78 pounds in the last year. Im stronger, healthier and off all medications. My blood pressure is great and I’m looking forward to what next year holds.

I want to lose weight….if I can do it anyone can. But it’s a decision and lifestyle change that is not as simple as the words. It’s a daily challenge with lifetime rewards. I want to lose weight….come join me in the choices. You won’t be disappointed.

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