The only thing cold was the snow!

Every year one of my favorite events is the Ladies Fat Bike Getaway sponsored by the American Birkenbinder and Salsa Cycles. This year we hosted 42 women and coaches for a weekend that left everyone with warm hearts and cheeks that hurt from smiling!

People always ask me “why do you ride”…..simply put it is watching women like the group last weekend come together with one goal and work harder than ever to learn it.

We gathered as a group of women who were, for the most part, just learning how to ride on snow. Jill talked to us about her trip to the Iditarod and how to dress for warm weather and I got to tell my story of how cycling has changed my life. BUT then the fun began on the trails! There were perma grins all day through the cold temperatures and deep snow. Literally the only thing cold was the snow!

There are times I ride my bike for me, times I ride it for family and times I ride for the community of cyclists I love…..last weekend checked all of those boxes. As a wife and mother taking time for myself to go spend is tough. I know it makes me a better person but it is hard. Going to a camp, surrounded by ladies who’s stoke is high to ride bikes, makes all of us better athletes. Not only that we made friends!

I can not wait to be back for one of my favorite weekends again next year. If you are interested the dates are December 11 and 12! We hope to see you there!

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