Sometimes we just need a reset button

One of the most common questions we are asked is “why do you go live off grid for two weeks each summer with your kids?”

Beartooth Highway

Imagine two weeks where you see no one else but your immediate family……your cell phone doesn’t work and most of the time the only thing on the agenda for the day is what you want there to be.

We get up with the sun, ride bikes and go to bed as soon as the embers burn low on the camp fire. Life really is pretty simple…actually very simple. There are no worries about who is running where, what time practice is or what bills need paid. It is as simple as just enjoying what is right in front of you.

As a family we load up our bikes, one bag for gear per person and food then head as far into the National Forest as we can get. Our trailer, Matilda, is up for any adventure! We have a roof top tent on the trailer and the kids each have their own tent.

Wapiti Cabin Gallatin National Forest

Everyone having their own space is great until we get deep into grizzly country. This year we spent two nights with the highest population of grizzly bear in the lower forty eight states. During that time we stayed in two forest service cabins. Talk about luxury! When the weather is 44 degrees for a high and cold rain a fire is just what the doctor ordered. There were smiles all the way around as the heat took the chill out of the air!

Gallatin National Forest

Have you ever camped somewhere that your whole day all you did was chase shade around the trailer? Yep, that was our time on the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains….but that didn’t stop us. We rode every day through the red dirt!

Red Gulch Road Shell WY

Why do we go escape from reality? I think everyone needs that from time to time and how you accomplish it is personal. For me, spending time where no one can reach me, with those I love most, is the best form of therapy that there is. There is nothing like waking up looking out of my tent window seeing the mountains!

If you haven’t experienced life in a simple format I highly recommend it! The camping is free, food you eat anyway and the memories….they last a lifetime!

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