Making lemonade out of lemons…..

Pretty much all of 2020 could be described this way for most of us….if you are in the bike industry and trying to host events this most definitely would describe your year. BUT it also has made us stronger as riders and changed the way we look at things….or at least it has for me.

Nick and I love the Northwoods! That area is on the short list of places we would like to live when the boys are raised, and that time is getting close! We had a week of time this last week with no plans so we decided LET’S GO NORTH!

On the drive up I saw on social media that the Cheq Challenge was on. Hold on…..we can ride the Short and Fat course on our own and still donate money to the CAMBA trail system and Lifetime Foundation!? Sign me up!!! The course is marked and you get a GPX file so finding your way is a piece of cake. (Link at the bottom in case you would like to do the same).

Every event this year has tried to take the situation that they have been handed, with COVID19, and make something out of it. Peter and the crew did just that and more for us! The short and fat course was about 16 miles of fun. It was challenging enough to make you think you had accomplished something and still had sections that left you grinning from ear to ear and hoping for more! Not only that, but for us it was short enough that Red Dog could join us.

I don’t think this is the best way for me to bike Mom!

On course I was riding downhill and heard the familiar sound of a stick hitting my rear tire. I stopped instantly and removed the stick, climbed back on and WHOA I was hardly able to pedal…shifting was out. After a closer inspection we found that the cable to the rear derailleur was torn off the bike….well that SUCKS! I could have ridden over that stick 1,000 more times with no problems and no ripped wires but that one time was all it took on that particular day. And the face you make when that happens….

Well this is not how I envisioned riding the Birkie….BUT here we go!

But in all seriousness all I could do was learn how to embrace the problem and ride single speed back to the truck. Six miles left, big climbs on the Birkie and we are off still smiling! I never have been someone to ride slowly downhill but now I could not pedal uphill so time to let it “eat” on the downhills and get as far up the hill as I could before I had to walk. (For those that don’t know the Birkie…it is an infamous cross country ski trail that is essentially intervals on the bike. Uphill followed by a downhill and right back up) After some playing around I actually started having true fun again……Just another time to make some lemonade out of the situation at hand.

How was our day on the Short and Fat course… was everything we could have asked for and more. We saw two sets of ATV/UTV on the trail, zero cars and zero other riders. We had the course to ourselves to ride at the pace that we wanted. Red Dog had not done anything that long before and we watched him take in the sights and sounds of the trail. Truly it was one of the more fun days I have had on the bike! It was the second “event” of the year and every bit as much fun as we would have had with all of our friends there….it was just different.

Oh and when the swag has HillyAF on it….yea bring your climbing legs because it is true! There was 2500 feet of gain in the 16 miles that we rode!

This has been a year of ups and downs, strange things and for some disappointments. If you look in the right spots I think this has been a year of growth and opportunity. We have been given time to spend with loved ones that we would not have had in our previous busy lives. We have also had time to explore new options in the biking world. If you are looking for such an option that is somewhat familiar maybe and still different… is the link. Sign up, go ride and see for yourselves why we love it so.

And while you are there check out our friends at ROAM adventure base camp. We came to Hayward expecting to stay for two nights and ended up staying all week. Literally right out the door are the trails and gravel….PLUS there are great showers and a sauna. Who doesn’t love that luxury while on vaca? Camping not your thing….no worries they have you covered with great cabins also! I promise you will love it!

Was this a year of trying to make fun out of a situation that was not fun….you bet. Can it be done…..YES! I mean look at that smile!

And Red Dog says “when you get swag at your first event….you wear that all the way home!”

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