As we slide into the holiday season it is safe to say it is different this year. For me, it is the first year that I won’t attend Church tonight and the first time that I won’t have Thanksgiving with family. BUT in the whole realm of changes for the year these are to be expected.

Gratitude is the attitude that is needed this season and so hard to come by some days. Yes, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for family and friends, love and that I am on this side of the dirt, along with thousands of other things. I’m grateful that my lungs have the ability to push my legs, who are pushing my bike, up a steep hill. I’m grateful for my loving home and family that have supported every choice I’ve made and decision to go to an event even though I know sometimes they think yikes. I’m grateful for my husband who has been my rock and strong post through it all.

Today I posted instead of looking for a mirror become one…..instead of trying to find an inspiration in someone else become and inspiration for others. Yep, it’s hard, requires leadership skills and yep it is dedication vs motivation. Be that person that makes others want to be with you and want to be like you. IMO you can not be that person without gratitude and humility.

This week my first event for 2021 went virtual. It was 100% the right decision but it took the wind out of my sails completely….again. Then I sat and thought about it. Be grateful silly girl, that you have a bike to ride, a beautiful location to ride in at home, and go RIDE! Stop wallowing in self pity and be grateful for what you do have. Pity party was over.

I am doing the Fat Pursuit as a virtual event….probably right here in my home state. I was so excited to go see the Yellowstone Ecosystem in the winter. I was excited to get to see friends again and most of all I was excited for the challenge. Then I started to challenge myself on why I was disappointed as I did hill repeats. Why let it get me down….after all I was pursuing a new challenge and I can do that right here at home! If things work out right I will be joined by two friends in the great white North and we will ride groomed single track and forest roads. Heck I’m even doing a water boil! We will take all precautions and enjoy our day on the bike….full of gratitude!

Life may not always present itself exactly as we think it should. Heck, most of the time it won’t be anywhere close. It is OUR decision how we handle that. This year let’s be the mirror that inspires others.

Happy thanksgiving with extreme gratitude!

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