It’ll either be bad, fun or a shit show…..

Those were the first words out of Morgan Murri’s mouth this morning in the parking lot. We were headed out for a day of exploring on the Nomadic Adventure Co route and everyone was not sure what the day would hold weather wise. We all agreed no one remembers the boring days and we were off!

We spent an hour getting to the area that would be a place forever near to my heart! On top of the Bookcliffs overlooking the high desert we set up tents for a photo promotion and started taking pictures. The only word to describe it was MIND BLOWING! Ok that is two words, but still the best description! We have spent the last four days exploring this area and every turn is a new view.

This is a view that you can see for miles!

Morgan and I decided to do a couple of quick interviews. Both tents were staked down so all was great. When I returned to the truck I asked Nick “where is my tent”? “In the truck” was the immediate reply…..Digging commenced and no tent. NO TENT?! I had my sleeping bag, pillow, shoes, helmet and everything else but the damn tent.

Enter the shit show portion of the day……

There it is….the black object at the bottom of the bookcliff!

Morgan and Nick quickly figured out that the staked down tent had blown away in the breeze! There it lay at the bottom of the Bookcliffs.

Morgan is on the way!

Morgan took off at a run trying to find a way over the side of the bookcliffs so that he could run the ridge and save the tent….zoom in and he is on the left of the image along the cliff. Only the best of friends will scale a cliff to rescue your tent!

Morgan was able to grab the tent, wrap it up quickly and start back. I now know what helpless feels like as all I could do was stand and watch.

Almost back to the truck….key word being almost

Whew…long story short no one remembers the easy days. This will be a day that we talk/laugh about for years and every time we see this tent will only make all three of us chuckle.

The knight in shining armor carrying the grey Big Agnes tent today…Morgan! THANK YOU!

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