Can you count on you?

We spend all of our time trying to impress those that really don’t care.

Yep, I said it!

We spend time trying to impress those on social media that don’t care what we do or who we really are. They only know us through the strong filter we put on our life as we add images and posts to social media. If we invested that same time into our families and friends there is the chance it would be an entirely different conversation! Today, we live our lives looking at our phones, wondering what will happen next. Although we are the most connected that we have ever been with the world, we are the least connected we have ever been with ourselves and those living in our homes.

Take time to go enjoy yourself!

The true question is can you count on yourself?

Can you count on yourself to be kind? We all want everything to go correctly in our lives. We know when it doesn’t that we need to be kind to others, give them grace and accept that sometimes that’s just how it is. BUT what do we do when that happens to us? Are you kind to yourself? Do you show yourself the same grace and compassion? I know I don’t.

Can you count on your words to be meaningful? Can you count on yourself to have faith in yourself. I find myself saying things that I would never say to others….you are too slow, too fat, too old or just not enough to be doing this. I would NEVER say that to anyone else but I am quick to tell myself it.

Can you count on yourself to take care of yourself? There is one thing in life that is a constant, and that is change. Nothing is ever going to stay the same. But do you take time for yourself? Do you put your physical and mental health at the top of the list? I love my bike and I make time for it, most of the time.

I know as a wife, mother and employee that if you don’t set boundaries this is really hard to do! Add in mental health and it is even harder. There are times I struggle with what do I do now?! I tell myself, if you don’t do this…no one else will. This does NOT mean that my husband and family are not supportive. But they can not be expected to know what I need.

I need to be helpful with that and take care of me. I am the best mom and wife that I can be when I am happy!

I have failed myself this year on all of these. I will do better and try harder. I will find a way to put myself at the top of the list vs being the after thought at the end. I don’t have the five cent cure and I don’t have the answers. I do know we need to treat ourselves with grace and speak kindly to ourselves.

If you can’t count on yourself…who can you count on?

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