It starts with me…..

We live in a world where negative can be the norm….let’s face it, it’s easy to complain when things don’t go our way. Our family has made a choice to take responsibility for our actions, choose our friends wisely and know that the decision starts within our home walls.

Health…..We decided we wanted to eat healthy. I mean after all if you are going to exercise 15-20 hours a week then make it count. You can not out exercise what you put in the pie hole. Eating healthy is something that has never come completely natural to me and it requires choices each and every day. Some days are better than others and yes there are days, weeks, I cheat it. Those decisions….they all start with me.

Happiness…..Everyone says that they want to be happy. I think it is what we want not only for ourselves but what we want for those we love. Sometimes, we want it so much for those we love that we forget to make ourselves happy in the process. If training has taught me nothing else, it is that I need “my” time. I need the two to fours a day on the bike or my feet sorting my feelings out. I learned early on that I had to find a “tribe” that understood my goals and what getting there took. My friends are people that are also upbeat and happy. Since getting out of an abusive relationship years ago I have become very aware of how fast a negative situation can suck energy out of me and those that I love. There are times that it is unavoidable but I do everything I can to choose happiness. The choice to be happy… starts with me.

Community……It has been my goal since I was sponsored by Salsa to help newcomers find cycling. The great thing about freedom on a bike is it as unique as the people who find it. There are literally bikes and adventures for every variety of rider. Last year we hosted no drop group rides at the start of events. We had riders from all over the nation who would come and ride. Some had never ridden gravel before that time and would come back into town yelling woohooo down the hills. All I could think was YES there is another addict to the gravel scene. When you hear a rider saying quietly “I can do hard things, I can do hard things” as she rides up the hill….yep she did it that day! I know that continuing that connection… starts with me.

Great Gravel Get-Together at Land Run 100
Cari’s first event!

Dedication….I have to have dedication long after motivation. Motivation is great and I need it don’t get me wrong….but the days I am not motivated I have to be dedicated. I signed up for a 50K at Mid South….WHAT WAS I THINKING! I have questioned myself out loud, socially and in my brain for the last two weeks. The distance that day doesn’t scare me but man the time training…ugh. I get bored and lack motivation. When I ride I have taught myself no talking to yourself in a way you wouldn’t talk to your best friend and no negative words out loud. SO I turned that on to the running/walking scene. I had a huge self talk this week about what I needed for dedication. It’s an easy word to throw around but really hard to do sometimes. I know that if I want to finish that 50k with my son… starts with me!

Training Run

We all have the ability to make huge changes in our lives, the lives of our loved ones and those we see on a daily basis. Heck, we can even motivate those we only know on a computer screen. But that happens with our choices each and every day. And in my case….yep….it starts with me!

See you out there!

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