Let’s do this!

To say we are in unprecedented times would be an understatement….no crowds larger than ten, safe lockdown in our homes, fear of the unknown and not knowing what is next. Welcome to the Covid19 pandemic.

One of the things that I have been most blessed with is becoming an ambassador for companies who support their athletes. Last week, Orange Mud athletes threw out a David Goggins challenge….the 4x4x48. We run, bike, walk or move for 20-45 minutes every four hours for 48 hours. Thirteen workouts in 48 hours….with interrupted sleep!

I knew instantly that I wanted in. I am a goal motivated person and since Mid South every event on my schedule has been cancelled until the end of May. Training is hard when there is no definitive date that we will be together racing again. This challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to “step up”.

I posted on social media that I was doing it and would anyone local like to join in. Shodi and Molly both instantly said….I’m IN! The chase and challenge was on!


We are not supposed to be within six feet of each other but that is one beautiful part of social media. We made live videos, posted photos and talked our way through this challenge from all across the country! We involved only ourselves or maybe we involved our entire family for a trip out……no matter what we were moving and had something positive to think about!

During the 48 hours that we “moved” together we found new friends, learned things about ourselves and saw others through new eyes. Us local ladies ran and rode through rain, tornadoes, wind, gorgeous night skies and even one time of sun….but mostly crap weather. See Mother Nature even said she was up for a good challenge!

You don’t have to have a crowd of people doing the same activity in the same place to be challenged. You don’t have to be side by side to find an activity that motivates you. A group of people got together and said “lets do this” and we did!

When I type the hashtag #myadventureredefinedme it is true! The adventure has been different than I ever thought possible. Who knew four years ago I would be getting out of bed at 12:00 and 4:00 a.m. to go run or ride my bike? Yep at first I grumble and then the smile starts when I realize how lucky I truly am to have a goal that will give me a mental deposit in the bank for tougher days ahead.

Looking for something new to try? Make the challenge your own…..maybe a 6x6x36 or 9x9x72? Don’t want to ride or run….do TRX or body weight challenges. Find something that moves you outside of your comfort zone and go do it!

The stars and the sky were perfect at 4 a.m.

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