Eliel Gravel Gals

Passion…For riding, celebrating and for community.

“Inclusivity is easy to talk about and harder to do…taking a stand that includes everyone is the right thing to do every single time.  As a back of the pack rider I meet the coolest people.  To me, the people in the back of the pack are the hardest working people at any given event.  They spend the longest time on the course, are outside of their comfort zones, and for some this is the longest distance they have ever ridden.  The phrase party at the back is not something that has ever resonated with me…. it’s not a party because I’m working hard.” Crystal Kovacs

When Gravel Gals of Eliel was created, my hope was to give women a community and platform to encourage other women, help new riders find a place to meet others, break down perceived barriers and grow women riders in the gravel scene.  More than any of the above, this was an inclusive community-based team for all women.  

“Of all the groups/teams I am part of this year, this is the one I am most proud of.”

I wanted women to be able to go to an event or social media page and see their teammates…it was more than just an online group.  This group is about women advocating for women in the gravel cycling industry.  We have the chance to change the narrative of women in cycling and want you to join us!

I look forward to meeting all of you at events, during rides and on-line. Let’s make this the “team to be part of”.

Crystal Kovacs and Eliel Cycling

Gravel Gals of Eliel is based upon the following: You smile and wave when you meet others.  You stop and help those that need it, and ask if you are not sure. You encourage riders of all levels, speed and ability levels. You are a voice for all women on course.  You encourage others to find adventure on the bike. You have a can-do attitude and won’t be swayed away from being an ambassador.  You do what is right.

We are currently adding members to our team…we WANT you and encourage you to join. Here are some quotes from current Gravel Gals

This might be the cycling group I’m most excited and proud to be part of! I may not be a podium finisher, but encouraging and cheering fellow athletes is something I can do with the best of them!”

“This was the group I have wanted to find for years…I can’t wait to meet everyone”

“It’s so great to be part of this amazing community with such motivating people.”

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