What is Gravel?

What is gravel to me…I was recently asked that and had to think for a second. Yes, gravel is an aggregate that many states use as a road surface. Truly that is what it is to most people.

But to me, it is a way to find adventure on two wheels. It is the surface that has allowed me to find a new family on bikes, spend time with them and push my limits. It is through gravel that I have been able to push myself past what I thought I was capable of previously.

Gravel is a term that we lovingly use to describe our family…the gravel family. Truly we are a group that supports each other, helps each other and meets on common ground. The gravel community is inclusive and invested in their fellow riders. It’s not an easy day for anyone and everyone has a different challenge. The beauty of that understanding is that although the challenges are different, they are also very much the same. Never once has anyone criticized me for my pace…instead I am met at the finish line with hugs and congratulations. That in itself is very cool!

Gravel is the surface that gave my family the gift of time together. Each summer we would spend two weeks riding “gravel or dirt surfaces” on bikes. This is a time that is sacred in my heart now that the kids are raised. It is through that time that we got to reconnect without outside interference. Our cell phones didn’t work, we slept in tents, and the only way we got around was on our bikes. Even as teenagers the boys would ask for that time alone with us…it was our time without the world being there. Gravel did that for us.

Gravel is a surface that covers almost anything off road. That surface can be anything from smooth to large chunky rocks that like to destroy your tires. Like the riders, it is not consistent and that is the beauty of it. The beauty lies in the change and difference.

What is gravel…gravel is the aggregate that I get to explore to meet the greatest group of humans I know. Gravel is my passion and my road to adventure. Gravel lives in my heart and in my soul…if you have not met gravel yet let’s talk!

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